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Chris Becks
Owner / Founder

Becoming a business owner was not a natural progression for me, but I was driven by the symbolic significance of duffel bags in the military and the profound impact they have on the lives of service members. While duffel bags are commonly associated with the military, my vision was to create a business that transcends their military context and utilizes their symbolism to connect and empower individuals in various aspects of life.

Throughout my military journey, I witnessed firsthand the importance of a duffel bag in the lives of service members. It served as a vessel to pack and carry all the essentials needed for their military training and deployments. It represented the transition from basic training to the next phase of their military career, equipping them to become productive members of their respective branches.

However, a duffel bag is more than just a container for physical belongings. It becomes a repository of experiences, knowledge, and tools acquired along the way. In the military, service members develop networks, learn valuable skills, and gather crucial resources that enhance their performance and personal growth. These tools go beyond the physical realm and often include mental health support, coping mechanisms, and other essential skills needed for resilience and well-being.

It was during a course at Fort Lee, VA, that the idea for Duffel Bag Inc. took shape. My BOLC instructor, Captain Liu, would instruct us to open our duffel bags, signaling the imparting of knowledge, advice, and tools that would serve us in life beyond the military. This experience resonated deeply with me and inspired the birth of Duffel Bag Inc. as a company.

Duffel Bag Inc. aims to embrace the duffel bag as a symbol that connects military members to the people they serve and protect. It represents the shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs of individuals in uniform. By leveraging this symbolism, Duffel Bag Inc. strives to create a business that not only offers high-quality products but also fosters unity, support, and empowerment among individuals from all walks of life.

Duffel Bag Inc. began by utilizing the very thing we stand for—tools and resources in our duffel bag. At Duffel Bag Inc., our mission is to utilize the duffel bag's significance to inspire and equip individuals with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Just as a duffel bag holds the essentials for a service member's journey, Duffel Bag Inc. seeks to provide the essentials for individuals to embark on their own unique paths of growth, resilience, and success.

God, family, country, and my Bible are in my duffel bag; what's in yours?

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